Thursday, December 15, 2011

Malcolm X's Daughter Sent to Jail for Failing to Pay a Debt

Your Black Woman reports. 

Malikah Shabazz, the youngest daughter of Malcolm X, has been sent to jail for failing to repay an elderly woman she robbed.  Shabazz was sent to jail by a judge in Queens who'd told her that she would be incarcerated if she failed to make the payments that were due to the woman.  Shabazz was convicted of stealing $55,000 from the woman by defrauding her.

After the original conviction, Shabazz was told by the judge to pay out $1,229 in restitution to the woman, which allowed her to be on five years probation instead of going to prison.  Instead, Shabazz ignored the judge's order and stopped making payments.  She also allegedly violated the order to remain in the state of New York during the probationary period.

Shabazz has been living in Vermont, and had $800 in her pocket when she was arrested.  She is now 46 years old and has 50 months to repay $55,000.  If she fails to pay the woman back, she'll be sent to prison for seven years.

Back in June, Shabazz pleaded guilty to identity theft when she opened credit card accounts in the name of Khaula Bakr, 70-year old woman.  The woman is the wife of one of her father's murdered bodyguards.


corbin56 said...

See you in 7 years!!

Anonymous said...

She has been a person crying out for
help for a long long time.
Will some professional please seek her out and give her the help that she so desperately needs.

Black Buzz said...

Sad! Sad! Sad! Can't someone please help this fine young sister?

Willie C. said...

Bro. Malcolm and Sister Betty would be so hurt by their daughter's actions. This is shameful. While I agree that she's been in need of help for a long time, you can only help those who truly want to be helped. I'll save my sympathy for her elderly victim. Even if she serves the 7 yrs as she probably should, she still should be forced to make her victim whole by repaying the stolen money plus a substantial penalty.

Anonymous said...

Its just another black on black crime by a black woman who feels entitled to do what ever she wants with little or no concern for her elderly victim. I hope she goes to prison. I dont see al sharpton or jesse jackson or the naacp standing up for the elderly black victim, why not, where are they. Oh , they dont care when its black on black, thats accepted and expected.