Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tyra Banks Reflects On the Difficulties of Her Decision to Attend Harvard

A lot of folks remember when Tyra Banks decided to take off her Super Modeling clothes and head to Harvard.  The multi-talented megastar has wowed millions with her extraordinary vision and incredible work ethic.

In recent public appearances, Banks has expressed the challenges and opportunities that came from going back to school.



Tyra Banks surprised everyone when she announced she was going back to school, and not just any pen-to-paper institution, but Harvard Business School. But it seems as though the experience has shocked Banks just as much as everyone else.
"I think they make it hard on purpose," Banks told the massive crowd at her "Modelland" book signing in New York of her strict education. "Once you get done reading one assignment, you get another."
Banks told me that she had once planned to attend L.A.'s Loyola Marymount University, but was discovered as a model at age 17.
"The lightbulb went off to write when I was 16 years old. And I got accepted to many colleges, and I got sidetracked when I got discovered to be a model," Banks tells me. "A nice distraction. Then I came back to producing with 'America's Next Top Model' and now I'm coming back to the writing side."




Anonymous said...

Um, that is what college is; assignments one after another. It's not assignment, rest, assignment, rest. She's not college material, I'm sorry, I love Tyra, but she is not college material. I think she expects to be treated special, when her status obviously hasn't impressed many at Harvard. Step it up Tyra, life is hard sometimes and even harder for a black student trying to get into Harvard without your money, status.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry tyra you can do it and show others that it's never to late to go to school. I applaud your efforts

Anonymous said...

It may be alittle challenging to go back to refresh one's education etc.
but, how rewarding. Ms.Banks is in the Business of empowering young lives. (she has an organization that helps young teenage girls)! It's a positive gesture, but, mostly, I believe it's enriching her life as well! So, to Ms. Banks, I say: 'Be
encouraged and God Bless you.' (If you need to - Tutorial Services are available) So don't give up! Sista!

Anonymous said...

Tyra Banks is an intelligent woman and was a smart student when she was in school. It's ridiculous to think that she can't attend college. Jeez!

I applaud her decision to return to college. The way I see it, it's just one more intelligent and beautiful black woman amongst us:0)

RICAREG said...

Beauty, Brains and a personality to boot! Now this is the REAL Superwoman!