Saturday, June 27, 2009

Your Black Woman: Nicole Spence Talks Continuous Love

by Nicole Spence

I chuckle as I write this, because I've wondered the same thing about me “Is my sex drive too damn high?" Any who this story isn't directly about me today.

Last week I got together for food and Patron shots with a very good girlfriend of mine, I just love her she's highly successful very pretty. We got to talking about men and relationships pretty recklessly due to the patron shots and a little pinch of fed up ness! This is when she tells me “Nicole I need it everyday, at least 3times a day!" Shut up!! You too I scream!! I thought something was wrong with me??!! Lmao. She explained that most men tell her that, they have never had this much sex in their life! Accuse her of being a Nympho! I was loving every minute of this hot steamy conversation of her sex demands i.e. You better give it to me in the morning too, what you think this is buddy??!!

Selfish me was happy to know that I have a fellow sista in the struggle, and cheered her on exclaiming that There Ain't Nothing Wrong with that shooooot, he needs to get with the program!
4 shots and a few fresh texts later as we "nymphs" tried to arrange our late night trysts, we asked each other again, is something wrong with the frequency and intensity in which we want to be satisfied ??
My answer is Hell No! Why shouldn't women be comfortable with expressing their sexuality, their desires, and fantasies! Men please don't' feel threatened by your woman's sex drive being higher than yours; there is nothing wrong or abnormal about her! Yup we want it in the morning, the afternoon, and if we could bounce out of work during lunch to get a quickie at spot random location we would! Its a beautiful thing when you and your mate speak the same sex language, because there is nothing weaker in my opinion than a man that tells you "No baby not tonight"!

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