Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why Does Hillary Clinton Feel So Entitled?

I listen to the news every morning before I leave for work. Listening to the doom and gloom and the occasional happy story seems to energize me for the day ahead. The last few mornings I have been surprised by Senator Clinton's statements about herself and her opponents. I live in Central NY, and we are used to her haughty, uppity disposition, and the "I will run my campaign the way I see fit" attitude from the steely calculating ice queen who cries for votes.

But we also wait for Bill to come and visit us every year at the New York State Fair and have his Gianelli at the Dinosaur BBQ stand and be the rock star he is. Oh yeah and if he has to, he can bring his wife. It just wasn't as exciting last year when she came alone, while Bill was with Oprah. I love Bill, I tolerate Hillary. I don't think I am alone here. But despite her lack of charisma she is smart and very strong and I would think that she would think before she opened her mouth. But maybe because she is trailing in the polls, her frustration over not being the favorite is coming out and showing her entitlement mentality.

Yesterday I was reading some clips from Senator Clinton's latest speech and in the speech, she was talking about change. Clinton mentioned that having a woman president would definitely be change. Well yes it would Hill, but it would also be a big change having an African American of any gender in the White House considering the legacy of institutionalized racism in our country. Hon, you aren't the only one with the potential to make history here so simma down. I am both Black and a woman and I know I have had more issues in my life because of the color of my skin than I have because I have a uterus. It would be nice to think that she considers herself the only woman up against all these men. Instead it appears to be her against the guys and the Black one over there. Does she think that because she is a woman she should get some extra points? Once she gets a personality, I will give her some points.

In her interview with Diane Sawyer this morning, Senator Clinton said that Obama and Edwards have gotten a "free ride", in the campaign arena. She said she doesn't mind taking all the scrutiny. Oh really? Hillary, she who is running on the popularity of her husband? She who no one would know if she hadn't been the First Lady? She who would not be where she is if it weren't for some of us that might have voted for her because we liked her husband? If anyone is getting a free ride it is her clinging with both hands to her husband's coat tails.

John Edwards is running while his wife is fighting to stay alive. Barack Obama is Black, he has a Muslim name, and he doesn't have a lot of experience. In addition, The Clinton campaign has tried to discredit him at every turn. Does she want to talk scrutiny? Edwards is being criticized for running while his wife is dealing with breast cancer, and Obama has has been hammered about everything in his life from drug use to religion, most of this coming from the Clinton campaign machine. Let's top it off with some nut job threatening Obama's children! Doesn't sound like much of a free ride to me.

Sounds like Hillary is doing her classic lashing out because she thought she was entitled to walk into the White House again unimpeded. Hillary: newsflash....you are not entitled to be our next president simply because you slept with Bill. If that were the case we might have a couple more Presidential hopefuls out there somewhere that have yet to come forward!

Do me a favor Hillary: why don't you stop bashing your competitors and tell us in detail about some of those changes you have made in the last 35 years? I really can't think of any, even though I live in your state. Maybe she is talking about her hair color or her clothes. Give me substance and not barbs. At the NY State Fair just stay home, but please send your husband. He's kinda cute for a chubby good ole boy. I'll buy him a Wine Slushie.


Anonymous said...

Truly sad to read such an article. It is shameful that with all of the adversity Obama and Clinton face you fail to even make an effort to be open minded. Why don't you read the Newsweek article entitled "Letting Hillary Be Hillary." Perhaps that will enlighten you a bit and give you a little more knowledge of Hillary's experience, passion and abilities. I come from a liberal, white family in the deep south. My mother teaches English at a majority black highschool and drives to work every morning with her Obama sticker on her car. She has read all of his books and thousands of other books. Do you read? Or do you just like to make petty, shocking, stabbing comments to try to intimidate people and make yourself appear knowledgeable of the subject you are referring to? Way to go! You prefer to be divisive and perpetuate discrimination and racism! Peace be with you and try to refrain from immediately calling me names just because I am white and you assume I am entitled.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I'm from central NY, also and I think you're quite alone in your thinking. Hillary has made A LOT of change happen over the years. Do your homework. Obama slams his opponents more than anyone, just in a passive-aggressive way. That's dangerous. Don't be so childish. You're not making a very good case.