Friday, January 6, 2012

Missing Boy’s Mother Told Cops She Had No Children

Amir Jennings

Your Black World Reports

The mother of a one-year old boy who’s been missing in South Carolina told police that she had no kids when she was first questioned.

The mother, 22-year old Zinah Jennings, was questioned by police about the boy’s disappearance.  At first, Jennings said she had no kids, then she said that her son was in Atlanta.  After that, she took the police to an apartment complex where she says she dropped the boy off, but had no idea of the number of the apartment where she dropped off her child.

The woman’s mother says she hasn’t seen the baby since Thanksgiving.  The mom is being charged with unlawful conduct toward a child.   Dogs are being used to search the woman’s home.


LisafromTexas said...

Little girl you need to be locked up for life and keep in mind, you are no Casey Anthony, You wont beat this rap. Stop trying to duplicate her story because you are good as gone. If you didnt want kids, get on the pill or keep the legs closed.

Anonymous said...

she trying to pull a Casey Anthony move....she think after while the law will give up and this will just blow over. I don't understand how her other family members keep quiet about it.