Friday, December 23, 2011

You Won't Get Tired of Being Dogged --- Until YOU Get Tired of Being a ‘Bitch’


By: Nojma Muhammad, Your Black Woman

Oftentimes, I read or I hear some Black Women say that "All Black Men are Dogs". Well if you subscribe to this theory, then who is giving BIRTH to these so called dogs? If you call yourself a B**** then your ONLY OPTION is a dog. If you are the so called baddest b**** then your ONLY OPTION is the worst dog.

As women we have dual wombs, so we have the capability to give birth via our physical wombs and via our mental wombs. Our thoughts and actions give birth to certain types of behavior. If we sleep with men without discipline, if marriage isn't a requirement, because when a man marries a woman he is saying "I am taking responsibility for this woman." If WE as women don't make certain requirements and we sleep with men anyway, then say "we got dogged out;" well, who set the TONE for this type of behavior? If NOTHING was required to OBTAIN us, then NOTHING is required to SUSTAIN us. 

As women, we are the second self of God. God didn't say I need a b**** to  console me, comfort know why? Because a B**** can't do those things! How can a dog bring comfort to  God? A b**** walks on all fours, so you can't elevate a man because you are already on a lower level.

You've placed yourself on the level of a canine Sisters! So you become a dog groomer. You wash a dog. You feed a dog. You train a dog, then you complain about "the dog in your house" but if you call yourself a B**** then you have INVITED this "dog" in your house and in your space. 

I'm giving birth to God everyday via my mind. You have the power to do the same, but you have to re-evaluate your conception plan, and that starts with your mind and your thoughts. You won't get tired of being dogged until you get tired of being a B****. I never heard a man say "I can't wait to marry that B*****" or I want that B***** to have my babies."

When a man marries a woman he is creating a legacy. What type of legacy can a man create with a B****? When all a B**** can do is give birth to a pack of dogs?You will NEVER be a man's wife, if you are willing to be his B****.

I know Black Men call Black Women B**** as well, and I am NOT condoning that at all; however WE can't complain about them calling us B**** when not only do we ANSWER when called one, but we FREELY call ourselves one. 

I've repeated the word b***** several time for a reason. To get you to see that no matter how you try to redefine it, all it is and ever will be is a female dog. Let's change the way we think about ourselves. Let's change the way we view ourselves. Why do we call ourselves EVERYTHING but what God created us to be? Why can't we be a Queen? Why can't we be Godly Women? Why don't we want to tap into that part of ourselves? We can't attract a Godly man being a woman of this "world".

So starting today, let's retire that word "b*****" when choosing to describe ourselves.Instead of being the baddest B*****, how about being what you REALLY are: a beautiful Black Queen. You'll get much more respect being a Queen than you ever will being a B****.

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