Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Woman Killed On Christmas Day Carrying Her ‘Dream’ List


Your Black Woman reports:

Donna Fountain, 38, was run down on Christmas Day,leaving behind an 8-year-old son and a “Dream List” --- both a testament to her hard work and zest for life.

A hit-and-run driver in Crown Heights rammed into her and sped away, leaving her gasping for life on the pavement. The suspect was driving a gray car and police are scanning traffic surveillance cameras to catch them.

“They are 98% certain they can catch who did this,” said the victim’s brother Ben Fountain, “They took it upon themselves to take a life. How could they not stop?” he asked to NY Daily News.

Her “Dreams”: find a great job, buy a house by age 45, start a sanctuary for gay and lesbian teens, marry the woman of her dreams and watch her son, Elijah, graduate from college.

“She gave everything she had to her son and worked so hard for him,” said her friend Dena Baveghems, 28.

Donna, employed by Partners in Care, was on her way home after working the early shift to ensure she was home to open gifts with Elijah.

“She talked about saving up to buy his gifts. She was looking forward to being with him on Christmas,” said Baveghems. “He was so excited. I don't know how he'll go on without his mom. They were incredibly close. She’s all he knows.”

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