Friday, December 2, 2011

Troy Davis' Sister Dies of Cancer

sister of troy davis has died

Your Black World reports

Martina Davis-Correia, sister of the late Troy Davis, has died. Davis-Correia passed after a long battle with cancer and was the firestorm that took her brother’s case to international heights. Although few people initially paid attention to the faulty murder conviction of this young black male in Georgia, Davis’ sister dedicated her life to fighting for her brother’s freedom.

Davis was killed by lethal injection on September 21 of this year. The execution was covered by international media, and there are millions around the world who consider the execution of Davis to be one of the most symbolic indicators of injustice in American history. Davis was executed after several witnesses recanted their stories, and even NAACP President Ben Jealous has repeatedly stated that the real killer is on the loose.

Even as she fought her cancer, Ms. Davis-Correia fought diligently for her brother’s freedom. She fought to very end, as did her brother Troy. Right before his execution, Davis maintained that he didn’t kill Police Officer Mark MacPhail, continuing to maintain his innocence.

The Davis family has endured numerous tragedies this year. Just a few months before Davis and his sister died, their mother (Virginia Davis) died as well. Amnesty International referred to Davis-Correia as a "Hero of the Human Rights Movement."

"Our hearts are breaking over the loss of this extraordinary woman," Amnesty International CEO Curt Goering wrote in a statement. "She fought to save her brother's life with courage, strength and determination, every step of the way. She was a powerful example of how one person can make a difference as she led the fight for justice for Troy Davis, even as she endured her own decade-long battle with cancer. And despite the terrible blow of his execution, she remained brave and defiant to the core of her being, stating her conviction that one day his death would be the catalyst for ending the death penalty."


Anonymous said...

I hope that Ms. Davis, is right, but it dosen"t make any difference now,because her brother is dead.And nothing will bring him back, all we can hope for is that he find peace. And on the other hand, he was doing something that he should not have been doing,he was involved in the commiting of a crime so he have no one to blame but himself. It dosen't matter how much innocent she may have felt, her brother was involved in the commiting of a crime, and that is the bottom line.
People have issue with the death penalty, I do not, the bible which you all believe in so strongly calls for the death penalty. Accept it or reject the entire book, but you cannot be selective what part you believe, it is not that simple. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Wow anonymous how harsh.... I hope your family is never put into that or a similar situation. And if he was involved in crimimal activity everyone deserves a fair trial. Thats like saying if you're speeding and the police sees you and decide to give chase. He allows you to get a couple miles ahead of him, instead of stopping you when he had the chance he chases you and put a bolo out on u. You have no idea this cop is chasing u because youre speeding, which is a traffic infraction. Youre breaking the law , however the police gets in a accident and kills a family and injures himself badly. Now when they catch you they charge u with murder and endangerment. The only crime u committed was speeding....How in the hell would u feel? Youre going to want your family and everyone else to fight for you. If you say you wouldnt you'll be lieing. As far as the bible vengence is mine said the lord. Words to live by.

bfm1108 said...

Its always amazing to me how ppl who call themselves Christians use their version of the bible to justify being plain ole mean spirited! So your version of the bible anonymous, calls for putting folk to death w/o a preponderance of evidence that proves that they are guilty of the crime committed? By the way, the bible was also used to justify slavery. You so called Christians make me ill! You don't have a clue as to what being a true Christian means or stands for!

bfm1108 said...

RIP Ms. Davis-Correia! You were so courageous & valiant in your quest to free your brother & to seek the truth, while fighting your own fatal battle with cancer.