Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Writer Asks Why Black People Forgive R. Kelly but Not Sandusky

R. Kelly is Forgiven, but Sandusky Isn't?

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Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Mo Kelly and how dumb is this idiot. That Penn state germ raped and molested who knows how many boys for over a decade and you are comparing him to R. Kelly? Your dumb a#! should be out of a job and never right an article again in your life. Your opinion is a sick one and you maybe a pedophile your damn self. That germ started a foundation in order to have easy access to young boys, R. Kelly was tried for molesting one female and was found not guilty. This germ went on tv and basically said he liked youg boys, he takes showers with them and likes to grab their thighs. You sick bastard you are probably like that Penn State germ. People like you make me sick you are comparing apples and oranges because some dumb editor or website gave you the oppurtunity to write your opinion. You are truly a dumbazz.

Anonymous said...

Who says I forgot or forgave. I don't listen to or buy his music and if one of his songs comes on the radio I will change the station. I don't like pedophiles in any color. They take away a young person's future. I had an uncle who molested me so you know I'm not hearing it from any man no matter the color.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr./Mrs. Kirsten West Savali, please do not try to make molestation a race issue. It is wrong of you to try and single out an entire race because of the current situation at Penn State University. No child of ANY race, color, religion, or creed should be preyed upon by any adult Male or Female regardless of their status in the community, media, or world. For you to try and make this a race issue sighting one popular African-American artist, is disgraceful and disrespectful. You should focus your attention and resources on the facts, and research how long this current pedophile has been molesting young boys. It is clear that he was first caught in 1999. However, if you or anyone else believes that it started in 1999, then you and many others are sadly mistaken. I believe that he has been molesting young boys for many years prior to him being seen and caught in 1999. As for the African-American supporting R Kelly, I remember when he was under investigation for his alleged molestation charges. He too was getting the same treatment from all ethnicities including the African-American community. If he had been found GUILTY of the charges, I believe that most African-Americans would have had no problem with him going to jail for his alleged actions.

I ask you and all of your colleagues to please revert your attention and resources to finding out how long has this pedophile (Jerry Sandusky) been molesting young boys, instead of trying to turn this into another race issue against the African- American community.

Anonymous said...

different situation, your question should be why there was not outcry when kelly was accused of molestation. in that case, yes race was an issue. why...becasue r kelly is black. if white..we would have been in an outrage. instead you heard nothing and he is still making millions off of the black community. do you think we would still be buying his music if he was white...i don't think so.

at this time, there is nothing racial about the penn st. situation. but good question to make us think about how we ignore child molestation in the black community.

Anonymous said...

R. Kelly was accused of child pornography (sexual intercourse between an adult and anyone age 18 or younger is child porno), not child molestation.

Sandusky is a child molester accused on 50 counts of child abuse.

They're not comparable at all.

There's no need to turn this into a race discussion when there shouldn't even be a comparison between two difference cases.