Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dea Win: Talk It Out or Hit That Chick With a Bottle?


By: Dea Win, Pretty Girls Rock Dresses, LLC

Last night I was in a trance watching the newest cast member of Love and Hip Hop berate and instigate a fight with Kimbella. Erica, a Hip-Hop model was extremely upset with Kimbella and all of the “Video Whores”. According to Erica, Kimbella and her ilk have ruined the industry for “real Hip-Hop models”. Apparently there are levels of Hip Hop Modeling; who knew? Crickets were chirping in the background as I side-eyed the television.

They fussed back and forth about sex, baby daddies, and all their private business before the first glass was thrown. These pretty girls in stilettos, designer dresses, faces full of makeup, and perfectly coiffed hair were throwing blows like grown men. While watching this train wreck all I could think was, “You all are too pretty to behave like this!”

Pretty Girls are well behaved, classy, delicate, and elegant. These women should be enjoying the “fabulous” life. You would think wealth and opportunity would bring about a sense of appreciation and pride. Their new found celebrity should be used as stepping stones for career advancement and a better life. Instead these pretty girls choose to behave like Ratchets: rude, simple, tacky, and unattractive.

At 30-year’s old, I can look at these girls and shake my head, because it’s merely something to laugh and talk about with my friends. I wonder what the 13-year-olds are thinking while watching these shows? Do they think these girls are pretty cool? Do they throw their plastic cups with clinched fists in the cafe during lunch while screaming obscenities? In my day, girls were “too pretty” to throw bows. We were not going to mess up our faces, clothes, or lives because of foolishness.

This evening World Hip-Hop released a 46 second video of Erica attacking her child’s father, Raul of the Terror Squad. As I watched yet another train wreck all I could think was:

“When did acting like a BRUTE become CUTE?”


imageDea Win is owner and founder of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses™. Motivating women of all ages to embrace beauty, charm, and intellect. There’s POWER in the DRESS, PURSE, and STILETTO.™


Roz said...

I don't get your point of stressing "pretty" so much. Am I missing something? Young ladies "pretty" or not simply do not act this way.

Ladydi said...

I'm sick and tired of all this mess going down on TV... African Americans have been low-rated by white america and every other race on this damn planet, and it seems that we've gone from bad to worst.
I hate to say this but Kimbella did the right thing by getting busy with that drama queen last night, that heffa came to that peaceful gathering just looking for trouble and she found what she was looking for.. Kimbella like anybody else has a right to live her life and make it to the top however she pleases. It is Kimbella who has to pay the consequences of her own choices in life, and no one should get in her way. We learn and grow from our mistakes, that's how we mature and become a testimony to someone else. I use to like Chrissy too, but now I'm also very disappointed in her also, because she taling all her personal fraustrations out on Kimbella and others on the show because her man won't marry her.
The man is not ready to get married, and if it was the other way around how would she feel about somebody pressuring her to make a major step like marriage.
The worst mistake any man or woman could ever take is to force somebody or trap somebody into a marriage that their not ready for,"Chrissy girlfriend you need to think about what's in his heart vrs what's in your heart. Chrissy!! being married to a man who is not interested in being married to you is one of the worst mistakes you will ever make in your life. Don't do it, and its also a minus with the issues you have with his mother, and all this drama is not Kimbella fault... I applaud Kimbella for telling home girl the truth about her man, she needs to face up to the hardcore truth about that sorryass no good buster she chasing after. YOU GO KIMBELLA... tuff love is good for the soul, and that's what sisters need these days.

spiritart4266 said...

I saw the first episode for about 15 minutes and I knew that this was another shore that shouldn't even be shown to animals.Needless to say there must be an audience for it to even exist and that's the saddest part.I don't see a need to even mention whites on this for two reasons:1.White people (not the ones who"enjoy"pop culture our hip hop) don't care about black people anyway-god or bad.black people.We can never be worthy in their eyes of ANYTHING.2.I could be wrong but pretty sure whites are producing this garbage anyway and to great profit of our dollars.If living well is the best revenge a certain portion of our race didn't get the memo.