Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Viola Davis Doesn’t Want Black Actresses to Be Defined as Having “Dignity” and She also Enjoyed Being a Serial Killer

Your Black World reports

Viola Davis,  the woman who had no problem playing “the help” feels that the word “dignity” is overused when it comes to black actresses.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Davis made it clear that she’s sick of hearing adjectives like this one used to describe black actresses:

“I love and hate the word "dignity,” she said.  “I feel it's overused for black actresses, as with "sassy" and "soulful." I can go on. The same adjectives are pulled out of a magic box.”

She then went on to say that some of her less-glamorous roles have been her favorite. 

“One of my favorite roles I ever played was a serial killer,” she said. “Which didn't get a good response, either. It was for television, Law & Order. I appreciated killing a whole family with a baseball bat. You know, sometimes one person's junk is another person's treasure.”


April Byrd said...

What The Ha-yell!?!

ElvinJ said...

Before people began to text what she said of of context, she's talking about the limited roles or lack of roles that black women are offered. I agree, in a post-civil rights era we should see more diversified roles, roles that are inclusive to all ethnic groups with vast dialog and content.