Sunday, October 30, 2011

OK, and Gayle King Has a 50 Cent Tattoo Because?…….



Gayle King is best-known for being buddies with Oprah Winfrey.  But one person that you never quite thought would be in the mix of that notorious friendship is the rapper 50 Cent.  

With the positions that Oprah has taken in the past against sexism in hip-hop, you wouldn’t think that she and Gayle would buddy up with one of the most offensive gangsta rappers in America.

Gayle took the time to show the press a tattoo on her arm that looks just like “Fiddy,” saying that she’d put the temporary ink on her arm as a joke. 

“I was having a lot of fun with Fiddy … and I said, ‘You know what would be funny? If I got a 50 Cent tattoo on my arm!” she said. “So somebody came in this morning and did it.”

When the artist made a visit to Gayle’s show, she joked about how the two had met in Vegas and how he’d become a step father to her children. 

“Can you imagine If 50 Cent and Gayle King got together, do you know the scandal that would cause? But how good that would be for you!” she said.  All he could do was laugh, which is about all we’re doing right now.

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Carolyn Moon said...

Whew...thank God. For a minute I thought senility was settling in.