Monday, October 3, 2011

Former NY Governor Patterson’s Step-Daughter Arrested For Allegedly Beating Her Boyfriend Unconscious


Your Black World Reports:
Former New York Gov. David Patterson, has dealt with charges of corruption and the pressure he inherited after stepping into the shoes of former Gov. Elliot Spitzer after his Myspace call-girl debacle.
Now, he has to deal with his step-daughter’s felony assault charges.

Ashley Dennis, 23, was arrested after she and her boyfriend, Brian McGuinness, 30, were allegedly involved in a domestic disturbance that went from bad to worse.
Dennis claims that McGuinness started choking her, then she allegedly hit him repeatedly on the head with a bottle, until he fell down and lost consciousness.
McGuinness cries for help were heard by neighbors in their apartment complex:
“He wasn’t moving. He had two shoes on top of him like she kicked him out of the apartment and threw the shoes,”said Marie C. to NBC.
There was so much blood “on a doorknob” and “all over the hallway” that neighbors claim they thought a murder had been committed.
McGuinness received three stitches and was arrested for misdemeanor criminal obstruction of breathing. Dennis was arraigned Saturday night on felony assault and released on her own recognizance.


Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodnes she was strong enough to take care of herself. Maybe men will think twice about putting their hands on a woman. I don't believe in ANY domestic violence, whether it is a man hitting a woman or a woman hitting a man; but if you are protecting yourself, there is nothing like hitting a fool over the head to make him think about putting his hands on you again.

Anonymous said...

This sounds more like a matter or instance of self defense as opposed to an actual assault. If the report is true and the man was choking her, then in my opinion, he provided substantial provocation to merit her response. It is a blessing for her and her family that she was not afraid to defend herself, or she may have not lived to tell her own version of the events. In all likelihood she was probably more concerned with keeping him from being able to over power her and perhaps do her even more harm. Congratulations to her for not being a victim.

Anonymous said...

It is good to know that she could defend herself. That should teach some of these cowards to stop hitting women. As for choking, as far as I am concerned that is attempted murder.