Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Police Find Suspects in Shooting of Female Hoops Star in Harlem

Tayshana (Chicken) Murphy suspects

Your Black World reports.

The community is in shock after Harlem hoops star Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy was gunned down in what many believe to be a case of mistaken identity.  Tyshawn Brockington and Robert Cartagena, two 21-year old men, have been detained by police as a result of their investigation.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that video surveillance in the building place both men at the scene of the crime.

“They are seen in the video with guns in their waistbands,” Kelly said at a press conference.

Another suspect, Terique Collins, 24, was arrested and ordered held on $250,000 bond, charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

tayshana murphy

“She was shot with a gun provided by this man,” Assistant District Attorney Jefferey Levinson said.

Murphy had gotten into an argument with the men a few blogs away.  At 4:15 AM on Sunday, the men saw her and chased her into the building.  She ran up four flights of stars, where the men chased her and shot her in the hip, chest and hand.  She was dead before police arrived.

Collins has been arrested 13 times in the past on charges of drug and weapons possession.  Cartenga was arrested on August 31 for criminal trespass.


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Rai Rai said...

This is needless, happened in my old building. Chicken was a good girl, they should pay dearly for that.

Anonymous said...

May Tayshanna Murphy rest in peace.

What a horrible story of senselessly destroyed lives.
This young woman's athletic talent and hard work would have given her options for a whole other life, and I feel terrible for her heart broken family.

Sadness, too for the families who loved these three 21-24 year old knuckle-heads with guns. At that time of night, all of these young people should have been safely home.

The young men should have been exhausted from working meaningful jobs (that give them the respect they crave), or else they should have been studying and enjoying themselves safely on a college campus. Instead, they were being gangsta-thugs-- chasing and gunning down a girl (who may or may not have dissed them).

I always tell my kids that nothing good comes from being out at that time of night in NYC and I pray they listen. While guns in the hands of so many of our young people seems common, and shoutings happen everyday, at ANY time of day-- as a Black/Latino community, we cannot ever get used to losing our young in violence.

Our youth simply see too few options for escaping the worst our neighborhoods offer them so readily.

Problem is. . . No one is coming to save them from themseves unless we PARENTS step up and do a whole lot more teaching, loving, positive parenting and role modeling in our own homes. And that means each and every one of US who claim to love our Black & Brown children!

The government surely won't tell, or teach our kids they can be more than thugs, rappers, fast-food clerks and maybe, if they are very lucky-- althletes. They don't care about them because of the Anglo-centric, capitalistic need to keep the underclass in place to fuel the highly profitable prison industrial complex, and maintain a low wage workforce who serve the needs of corporations and the elite. Our youth would have no access to guns if the govenment didn't want them to. We don't manufacture them, and we sure as hell don't pour our Black money into the pro-gun lobby.

By and large the NYC public schools have failed our youth, as have our religious institutions, and the cultural and community based programs that might have once shown them how to develope their potential in terms of the arts, sports, music, theater, and work-skill building, are either gone or hindered due to lack of funding.

As parents, we have to let our children know from when they are babies, all the way through adulthood, that they are loved and valued, and that we expect-- and demand nothing short of greatness and honor from them.

We have to teach them that every human being on earth, every single lifeform is God's (or Allah's or Jehovah's) meaningul work-- whether we like someone's looks, speech, actions, dress or personality-- or not. Taking a life or making it worthless will bring the wrath of hell and unhappiness down upon them for destroying what God created.

Mothers, Aunties, Sisters and Grandmas in NYC, please organize. It is up to us to do something. We must stop this violence with our love and through our many numbers, all practice the same thing in our homes: that life is valuable. Our children are dying and as a community, we all suffer for it.

To all the readers here, please look into getting involved and supporting The Mothers' Agenda NY (aka The MANY). As a grassroots group of NYC mothers, community women and Black/Latino and White female school teachers, we are fighting like hell to educate and save our kids from more of this senselessness.