Friday, August 12, 2011

Megan Good Makes it Clear: "I Did Not Get a DUI!"

by Shani K. Collins, Your Black World 
Megan Good’s 30th birthday almost took a wrong turn when she was stopped by the Los Angeles Police Department after a night of celebrating.  Good, who was driving at the time, claims she was not drinking when she was pulled over by the LAPD.  Instead, she claims the police assumed she had been drinking.

Good did not receive a DUI or a citation for any other traffic violation.  The birthday girl was smart enough to not argue with the LAPD when she was pulled over and made to use a designated driver to get to her next location.  The happy and upbeat star stated: “I recognize God’s grace when I see it and whether I had one drinks or five, the law says zero drinks, so I’m thanking God I got through my 30th and praising God for only the grace He can give.”
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Joanne said...

Megan presents as humble and even-tempered and beautiful as always!

Tammy said...

Being in this time and season, there is a thing about the children of God. Always be humble and know God's grace... When she said that it was spine chilling.... Knowing God's grace and being humble in His will for our lives make us the type of people that some may call perculiar type of person... God Is Good..