Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Drama Files: Beyonce Steps Up Her Actin Game with Obsessed

By Reviews R Me

Most of us don’t expect much from Beyonce on the big screen.  I didn’t expect much either.  I only hoped that I could make it through the movie without throwing up or wondering who in the holy hell told her that she could act in the first place.  But this movie was different.  Beyonce did it right and did it well.  Also, with Idris on screen, you always had something good to look at.

Really, you could call this movie “Fatal Attraction for Black people”, since the white lady was the evil monster and all the black people were scared of her.  Shoot, as crazy as she was, I was scared of her too!

I give Beyonce a B on this performance, which is better than the failing grade she normally gets.  Check out the trailer by clicking the image below:


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