Friday, July 11, 2008

Your Black Woman: Did Fox Leave Jesse's Mic on Intentionally?

Like everyone else I was taken aback by the comments made by Rev. Jackson about wanting to, well in essence, castrate Senator Obama. Making comments about emasculating Black men isn’t something our community appreciates even if another Black man says it. But Rev. Jackson apologized to the point of stopping short of offering his own “nads” up as a peace offering and Senator Obama graciously accepted his apology. What I was wondering is was the taping really an accident?

Most of us know this isn’t Rev. Jackson’s first slip of the tongue. We have had to opportunity to sit back and watch his Presidential bid crash and burn when he made his famous Himey town comment. He is human he also comes from an era where every little thing that was said anywhere didn’t have the potential to be taped. He should also know that in this day and age there is always the possibility that someone is listening. I listened to the whispered conversation clip on the news and without subtitles I really wouldn’t have known what he said. I have a hard time understanding Jesse when he speaks normally but I’m going to assume that they quoted him correctly because he didn’t deny that he said it. Rev. Jackson should be savvy enough by now to know that there is always a possibility that the microphone is on. Here is where my conspiracy theory question comes in, was the microphone really supposed to be off?

Rev Jackson was being interviewed by Fox News, can you say red flag? Fox News is known for not agreeing with most of the Black Leaders in our community unless they are saying something bad about us. Why would I think that they would waste and opportunity to try to catch anything they could by just ….accidentally…..on purpose….having the mic on, knowing that Rev. Jackson is known for making what he thinks are “private” comments. Who is the first one to jump on this story? Why it is ole buddy Bill O’Reilly, need I say more? Although Bill is more into “Lynching Parties” I’m sure a little Black male castration would be right in line with his Slave Master mentality. This would be the same Bill on the same network that ran a story last September that reported that Rev Jackson said that Senator Obama was “acting like he’s white” when referring to how Senator Obama was responding to the Jena 6 case. But you want me to think that this network that employs three of the most intentionally ignorant men in media wouldn’t pull a stunt just to embarrass a prominent Black leader? Okay and I would like to buy some of the land in Costa Rica that was for sale in the email I got the other day.

This just gives them more reason to talk about things they have no intention of learning about and to discredit our leaders and cause tension in our community. You notice now they want to have a discussion about the differences we have within our community with each other and our philosophies but no one wanted to touch why the majority of African Americans that I talk to from all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds agreed with most of what Rev Jeremiah Wright said. Let’s not have a conversation about why so many of us listen to and respect Father Flager and those like him. Fox and their “Three Stooges”, just denounce anyone who criticizes America and points out racism as being bad, without trying to understand the history and the experiences behind the statements.

So although I think Rev Jackson should have been smart enough to learn from experience and keep him mouth closed, especially in a FOX studio, I don’t think it was his fault entirely. I think it is obvious by the people the network employees that they are willing to play dirty. I fully believe that they left Rev. Jackson’s microphone on purpose and they got what they wanted. Congrats to Rev Jackson for once again opening mouth and inserting foot and thank you FOX for probably setting him up with the opportunity to do it. You have once again proven to me what a classy organization you really are. Can we get on with the real issues now?


Anonymous said...

That is really an idiotic theory. Jackson is the only one you can blame for this fiasco. I bet even his illegitimate child thought his comment was disgusting.

StewartIII said...

People like you make me sick, Hot One. You, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are a disgrace to our African American race. I'm tired of people like you, with your race baiting and racist ways( ). I'm tired of people like you, with your paranoid racist behavior( ). People such as yourself, only make this world and country worse off, day by day. If we had more people like Tony Snow( ) this world and country would be much better off, and rid of all this racial hatred, jealousy and selfishness. Why don't you focus on things and situations that are true examples of racism( ), and put your racist paranoia where it belongs, in the toilet. Also you and Jackson should be very grateful that FOX News Channel did not air all of Jackson's comments( ). Because if they did, he would have been exposed, for the world and America to see, as the opportunistic race baiter and racist that he truly is.