Monday, December 5, 2011

Police Find the Body of 7-Year Old Missing Girl in Atlanta

Your Black World reports


The body of a missing 7-year old girl was found after being missing for a week. Authorities in Atlanta are saying that the body likely belongs to Jorelys Rivera, but are waiting for an autopsy to confirm the results.

Police spokesperson John Bankhead said that there are signs that the little girl was severely raped and beaten before her death. No suspects are in custody, according to Police Lieutenant Jeff Hall.

Police waited till Monday to search the massive trash container because it had to be removed offsite for the search. The girl’s school, Canton Elementary, had counselors on staff for the young children to help them deal with the child’s death.

The little girl was last seen around 5 pm on Friday at the River Ridge Apartments in Canton, which is 40 miles north of Atlanta. Officers believe the girl was abducted from that location.

Maria Rodriguez works with Rivera’s mother at a nearby poultry plant and used to live in the same apartment complex as the family.

“She was a very sweet girl,” said her mother, Maria Rodriguez. “She was the type of little girl who likes her presence to be known. It’s just so sad.”

Police are now searching for registered sex offenders in the area. There are 73 registered sex offenders in Canton, according to state records.


Anonymous said...

GGA! smh! this makes me want to throw up. it's ashame how these men have such strong desires for little children. control by a demonic spirit is what it is.

lel said...

God please do something, this shit is horrible!!!!