Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meet Sara Bartman: The Original Video Vixen


You ever wonder where the concept of the video vixen comes from?  This video about Sara Bartman, the original video vixen, reminds us of the tradition of objectifying black women and their bodies.



Linda said...

excellent narration and history of a woman to young to know abt life, when life dealt her an education of people

Anonymous said...

I hope you have sent this to Opera so she can educate her predominantly white audience about the way their ancestors degraded our people, she Opera is not unaware of the past but she is so immersed in the white world its hard to know if she is not ashamed of her blackness. Although we can't change the past, we can at least educate our black young women that they do not have to conform to the white world standards for beauty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God Bless You Queen Sistah! This is the most powerful wake up call I have heard on video!

We can no longer continue to blame our dehumanization solely on white folks as we have become our own worse enemies. And our humiliation and self destruction and self hate and propensity to
be stuck on stupid has become our own death trap as we, as this powerful video commentary so
powerfully points out, willingly prostitute our women, our children and our future for trinkets and
ghetto fabulous toys. Yet, we willingly degrade ourselves as volunteer slaves searching for silly, clown like trinkets to validate our worth.

Our amazing Ancestors are rolling over in their graves to see what fools we've become inspite of
the selfless sacrifices they made to attempt to provide us with a better way, and to genuine liberation versus this modernized slavery we want to call freedom. Yes, the truth is a lie and the lie the truth.

Thank you sane and self respecting woman who produced this "truth to power" video for stating it like it is and for your taking on the mission of giving Ms. Sarah Bartman, and her legacy, the respect and humanity she so deserves these many years later. Her suffering cannot, and should not, be in vain, lying in dormancy for as long as it has. I had seen that photo of her for many years and hadn't a clue about the story behind her personal journey of excruciatingly painful dehumanization.

Yet her story is indeed a poster story for the mess we find ourselves in, especially as relates to the sad legacy of black women as a part of the tragic aspect of slavery.

There is no way america will continue to find favor in the world as it refuses to atone for the evil and egregious crimes it has, and continues to, perpetrate against black people and other people of color in the country we built and enriched via its crimes of evil. This madness is coming home to roost...... soon.

I weep at the sad, sad state of self hate that is prevalent in the black community, a lost and totally
self-loathing community which now thinks that it has it going on because of the mis-educated ivy
league degrees, the hair weaves, the nose jobs, the skin bleaching potions, the immorality, the
"sold my soul to the devil" fleeting money that is given right back to everyone but our own time we get it. Topped with the propensity to snub only our own when we think we got it going on, with Oprah arguably leading the pack in that regard, just by virtue of her global reach as a media "icon." Arguably, she is a peddler of hitler's Minister of Propaganda, joseph goebbels, type of white supremacy brainwashing indoctrination. Will mankind ever learn??????

Never have a people been so ignorant and self destructive who think that they got it going on as
the descendants of the African enslaved. I pray for the children.

That demon willie lynch said that his formula for a permanent caste system of psychological slaves
would last hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, and unfortunately on that point, his demonic prediction and hypothesis has tragically held true. he must be laughing hysterically as he is now roasting in hell with all of his volunteer victims joining him in hell each and every nano-second.

God help those of us who love you Omnipotent One, as the devil is running rampant, recruiting who he may, and Lord knows there are plenty of volunteer recruits, of all hues, anxiously signing on, but none more self loathing than the lost black children of Africa.

Courtney said...

thank you for posting. i definitely encourage people to read up on this sister who was, despite what some people think, packaged and shipped to america to represent and exploit the beautiful natural shapes and bodies we possess. people do not take this the wrong way. do not be ashamed ever of the ample hips and glutes we have. we were built in his image to entice, engage and procreate with our black man!

David2001 said...

I heard about this story years ago. I strongly disagree with the characterization of video vixen. By referring to her as the "original video vixen" this narrator is marginalizing the degradation Sara Barton went through. In NO way can her ordeal be compared to black women of this generation who willing allow themselves to be exploited for profit. Many naive black women justify it as some sort of feminist choice. Black women of this generation are NOT victims even though there is a cottage industry of books, magazines, TV shows, movies and plays telling them so. Black women of this generation have choices, Sara Barton did not.

Anonymous said...

Teach! Thank you!

Dietta Lee said...


Anonymous said...

Mary..........WELL DONE!
Too bad our girls/women today see this and know this BUT, they DEGRADE themselves for the sake of entertainment and THE LOVE OF MONEY.

Anonymous said...


alicia banks said...



Anonymous said...

Its OPRAH no Opera!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First, yeah, that "Opera" commenter threw me off for a minute, and second "since when did Wikipedia become an official source" (anyone including the Opera misspeller can post on there) and third the point is "one who does not know her history is destined to repeat it".

Anonymous said...

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