Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is Obama a True Liberal on Reproductive Rights? Also, What Say Should Men Have in the Process? (Video)


In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins and  Your Black World Political contributor Yvette Carnell discuss the recent decision by the Obama Administration to not allow the Plan B pill to be available over the counter to girls under the age of 17.

They also discuss the recent discussion by Deborrah Cooper, who says that men should not have a right to decide to opt out of pregnancies in the same way as women.   Carnell has stated that men should have the right to choose to financially support the woman’s decision to abort or carry the child to term, while Cooper says that men should not have a say in the process beyond conception.

The video is below:



Anonymous said...

Interesting topic that should be explored more indepth. I am in agreement of the Plan B being accessible to all female including under 17 years of age.

Several times a month from regular media and online I am notified how children of all ages were molested by and adult. Young girls are constantly being taken advantage of by predators and family members in our neighbors. Now and days it is not even considered a serious issue unless a high profile person is the perpetrator.Yong ladies are becoming child bearing at younger ages therefore will be come pregnant if they are victims to and adults lust. I am happy this drug exists so a young lady is not forced to have a child that is not wanted and was not asked for.

Anonymous said...

It's just unbelievable that anyone in the Black community would Approve of giving our under age children Pills to Abort Pregnancy. It's' simply Immoral and I am Glad the President is standing up for our Family & Christian Values. Are you guys Morons?

What parent wants their girls even at age 16 having SEX thus the parents are frozen out of the discipline process.

It's amazing that women groups are supporting such an Immoral dispensing of Abortion Pills to Under Age Girls

Women's rights many of us are for, but coming into our homes and giving our little girls and that's what you are critizing the President for is his refusal and Ms. Sibelus for standing up and Refusing to give little girls of all ages, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 etc the right to buy over the counter Abortion Pills. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound.

Never in this lifetime did I think anyone in the Black community would be this dumb to complain about not giving our little girls the right to purchas abortion pills over the counter regardless of their ages.

You have finally reached the bottom of the barrel

Every time a so called Liberal complains about our President Standing up for Family Values and Kathleen Sebileus, it's very scary.

Thank you Mr. President and Sec. Sebilus for standing up for our little girls in spite of igorant people who think that little girls should be able to buy over the counter Abortion Pills without the Parents Permission

Parents are parents for a reason, to talk with and educate our kids. No one, regardless of their views should take away a Parent's right to Parent their children.

Liberal yes I am fully, and any liberal who thinks giving Little girls who have no ideas about life, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc years old the right to buy and take Abortion pills is just plain nuts.

You should be thanking our President for continuing to prove his support of family values. he has girls and intends to parent them well.

The writers of this article should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Political my a@@, this is about parenting your children. You people are nuts.

It's not about the abortion being safe, it's about parents parenting their children.

You should apologize to Sec. Sebilieus.

This is not about what some Scientists say, they can't parent our kids, do you let Scientist tell you how to parent your children?

For this young woman to be completely VOID of Parenting Young Children is Reckless!

NO Scientists, or anyone else has the right to tell us how to parent our children and give our children Outside Access to Drugs especially Abortion Pills is just plain Ridiculous

It's not about an argument, it's about Parenting

Dr. Boyce this subject should have never been supported by anyone in your organization period.

Parenting, Parenting, Parenting, Parenting, Parenting

If this woman wants her 9 year old girls to have the ability to buy over the counter Abortion pills good for her, but no for those of us who Believe in actually Parenting Our Children.

Parents have responsibilities to Parent, not the Media, not this woman, Not Women Rights groups

Women in this country should be outraged, stop Politics and stop placing our children in the hands of the Government.

We are talking about Children, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 year old Girls having access to Abortion Pills with no Parent Involvement.

Until and unless people in this country stop making everything Political, this country will only get worse.

Our President Stood up for our Children, his and Parents right to Parent and raise their Children in accordance with hopefully God's Scripture.

Last but not least, when dealing with Adults, the decision to even think of an abortion should be discussed by both parents even though in the end it's the woman's Choice, Not a Child's choice in the discussion of the abortion pill

Widly known that women can take a certain amount of Birth Control Pill and get rid of the baby? Is this woman kidding us, I have never ever, heard of such a thing! This kind of talk is going to get some woman in the hospital trying tactics this woman recommends!

Last, Child Support Does Work, when women Enforce it! Fathers can't Opt Out Under Our Laws, this woman should read the Laws rather than espouse what she doesn't know!

Anonymous said...

If men want to have a "financial abortion" he should have it, only AFTER he is required to have a vasectomy. If he wants to absolve himself of responsibility for his own child, he should not be allowed to create any more.

Anonymous said...

Why are kids treated differently under the law than adults for a variety of public policy reasons? They are considered dependents for tax purposes. They are restricted from driving (although in many if not most states they gain varying degrees of driving rights at 15 and 16). They are not allowed to vote. They may be required to attend school (subject to varying state laws). The are subject to statutory rape laws (varying under state law) on the principle of lacking the ability to consent to sex, particularly with adults. They may also be restricted from marriage under state law. They may be restricted from working full time under child labor laws. They can't even drink until they are 18. Any contracts kids may enter may be unenforceable under state law under the theory that they lack the ability to consent or fairly negotiate.

In other words, it is well established that kids are vulnerable to exploitation and require some protection prior to reaching the age of consent.

Kathleen Sebelius, a woman and has a strong record of being pro choice, made the final decision, Obama supported that decision he, being the father of 2 underage girls. The pharmacutal company who what we call 'Big Pharma', that made Plan B told the FDA that it was completely safe but it was only tested on adult women not, underage girls. The FDA accepted their word but Ms. Sebelius, the HHS Secretary overrulled them.

It doen't mean that they can't use it at all, they must have a prescription and adult supervision to ensure that they do it right. If they want to get around the law and don't want their parents to know they can get their adult sister, aunt, any adult female to get it for them but they MUST be supervised when using it.