Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Couple Arrested for Confronting The Girl Who Was Bullying Their Daughters

couple arrested for confronting bully

Your Black World reports

Latena Fitzgerald says that she did nothing wrong when she went with her 7-year old twin daughters to confront a 10-year old girl who'd been bullying them.  Her children, Aniya and Amiya, had been terrorized by the little girl and the mother decided to take the matter into her own hands.

“I did not even touch her! Only thing I said to her was to leave my kids alone,” she said.

Police say that after words were exchanged, things got real ugly really fast. 

“The 10-year-old alleges she was held by the mother of the other girls, and the parents allowed their two daughters to assault her while she was being held,” Peekskill Police Chief Gene Tumolo said.

Police also allege that Samuel Rudolph, Fitzgerald's husband, threw a chair into the back of the little girl.  Jasper Cain, the director at the center where this all took place, said that the charges make sense.

“Any time children are involved with safety you have to protect them,” Cain said.

“It just sends such a terrible message when kids see parents behaving in this way,” Chief Tumolo also said.

Fitzgerald said that she'd talked to the bully and her mother on repeated occasions, but to no avail. 

“He told Aniya to hit the girl back and that would be the end of it and for her to leave her alone. The little girl got out the chair and slapped my daughter, right in front of us. That’s what caused the big outbreak,” Fitzgerald said.

Making matters more interesting is that Rudolph works for the center where the children were fighting.  It looks like losing his job may be the least of his problems.


Taunya Baker Curry said...

Even though what these did was wrong, parents are getting fed up with bullies and the parents not handling their bulling kids.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Most Bullies are not dealt with until it's too late. As a parent, protecting your child is most important. If you don't, who else will?

msladydeborah said...

The adults in this situation did what tey believed would help to resolve the problem. I cannot condone the situation, but as a parent I do understand how the failure to communicate with another parent can take you there.

What bothers me is the lack of any type of reprimand given to the parent of the bully. Her mother's failue to do anything to help her daughter stop picking on other children should not be overlooked. As the adult in this child's life, she is responsible to make sure that her daughter has boundaries. If she doesn't realize that by now and no one is willing to help her to set them, eventually her daughter will come home one day the victim or worse yet, we'll be reading about her in the past tense because no one is going to keep putting up with this type of behavior.