Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nicole Spence Speaks on Dating the Ugly Guy

Lol. Ahh shit! I don't want this to be true!

The other day my girlfriend Jihan took it upon herself to school me! According to her I need to relax a little bit with my list, not be soo tight, at least the aesthetics part of it.
She's says "Nicole he might not come exactly the way you think he's going to come". See if Nicole says I want Tall Dark Handsome, and uhm that's exactly what I want. Lol I don't want to try anything else, thank you very much. "Problem" says Jihan; "your guy might come short and kinda thick"! What?? Why??? Why are you damning me Jihanny?!
Would you believe she accused me of "acting like a dude!" " Nicole come on Men that are too pretty come with too much drama, and they don't ever want to do shit. "When was the last time a pretty one didn't come to you with some bullshit?!( :/ ) The Alright to the Ugly looking dudes have to work a lot harder at everything! At life! The Cuties tend to have things handed to them"!
The trend that Jihan is noticing is that the world is a bit colder to the ugly guy, slightly awkward guy, so he's a lot more determined.
"Nicole when was the last time you saw two pretty's together??"lol. "You always see a Dime piece with someone a little bit under". Lol She says "the Ugly guy will cherish you,he sees you as his prize! Meanwhile the cutie is in competition with you! That ass thinks he's the prize! He believes deep down you'll put up with his shit, because he's so fine"! Yikes I'm beginning to feel exposed Jihan, stop it, and get the light out my eyes please!! Lol Jihan urged me to start looking into security and not his looks! She says" he doesn't have to be totally Ugly, but he doesn't have to be 100% your type either". You gotta start giving other guys a chance Nicole!

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