Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Singer Omarion Only Gets with Light-skinned women


Omarion is catching serious heat after getting into it with a female fan who got angry that he only dates light skinned women.  His Twitter account mysteriously disappeared afterward, probably because they are now scared that women will stop buying his damn records.  Here is the conversation:


“I’m so upset with this loop alien head lame a*s Omarion on his twitter a fan asked why he only spoke to models and light skin women and he says “oh because my mom is light skin.” Are you f*cking kiddin me.

So I have to bleach my skin for you to notice me on twitter but I bet you notice me when I buy your damn next album which is a negative.

I loved omarion sinse 2001, I was behind every step of the way of his solo career and now he’s picking favorite fans cause they’re light skin.

When will these damn n*ggas see more then skin f*cking deep. Nigg*s get money and forget about the beautiful chocolate smooth skin mamas.”

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