Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lady Drama - Usher and Tameka: Trouble in Para-ice?

There are some rumors swirling around the net that Usher and Tameka are having trouble in paradise ever since her near death chop shop visit aka plastic surgery stunt! Read the details below about it all including who this new chick is in the photo:
For months the rumor mill said that Usher and Tameka were going downhill since her near death experience and surgery slip in Brazil. Well, Tameka and her crazy antics may have driven “Ersher” into the arms of this lady up top. The mystery lady and Usher were seen going in and out of Usher’s Santa Monica Hotel…at one in the morning last night too. There is nothing to explain or excuse Usher for bringing a pretty girl into his hotel room so late at night.
Well it's about damn time.... Can't wait to see how this one plays out folks two kids and a mean divorce settlement later lol!

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