Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lady Drama: Once a cheater….

Yes, that’s his REAL wife in the picture above


The Black Celebrity scoop on Kobe Bryant

Listen to the lyrics from the rapper Trina:


This n*gga thinkin’ I’m sweatin’ his Rolex watch
You need more than that, to get in my thighs
A car that’s fly, maybe a house in the sky

I know you wanna beat it up right quick
And I was the first b*tch Kobe cheated on his wife with…



There are also reports that Kobe has a new jump off, Carla DiBello.  Read what a Laker insider has to say:

“She sits court-side at the Laker games and travels to all the road games… the weird thing is Kobe Bryant flips the bill and buys her presents. Okay, maybe not so weird… I know she is banging him out. **Update…from within Laker camp… …Friends and family are not allowed to go to Orlando for the series, but Kobe got special approval from both Phil Jackson and Dr. Buss to let Carla DiBello come. They have been seeing each other ever since Kobe got back from China. There is no way that Carla can explain why she is court side taking cell phone pics of Kobe. This girl will never be able to hide all of her scandalous activity. She was in Orlando at the game last night (no friends and family allowed). That is probably why Kobe played like sh*t. He single handedly lost the game.”

Damn Kobe, ain’t you learned from the incident 6 years ago?

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