Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beyonce’s Daddy has a problem with Letoya Luckett

Beyonce commentary from Lady Drama at YourBl ackGossip.com.

Looks like Matthew is up to his snake tendencies again, this time he's coming for BET who has Letoya performing at the BET awards as well. According to my sources Matthew isn't feeling Letoya and Beyonce sharing a stage and has given BET an ultimatum! Read the juice for more info:

Word on the street is…Mathew Knowles is threatening to pull Beyonce from the lineup of performers if BET allows Letoya Luckett to perform at the awards in ANY capacity. Letoya’s management is fighting very hard to make her performance concrete, but who do you think the execs will side with..Letoya or Bey? The chick’s at a slight deficit here.

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