Friday, May 1, 2009

Why Beyonce will Never be a Poor Woman

Beyoncé's latest film, to be honest, reminds us that you don't have to be a great actress to take over the box office. I'm not trying to hate, but let's just say that Beyoncé is still growing when it comes to the big screen. But as a Finance Professor who gives grades on a daily basis, let me also say this: Beyoncé's got serious game when it comes to brand and money management.

In a recent interview, Beyonce explained how she doesn't spend money on luxury items, putting her in direct contrast with colleagues of her hip hop husband Jay-Z, who seem to think that taking baths in Cristal will keep your body clean. To Beyoncé, I must dish out a big, "You go girl", because the singer has learned that you can enjoy your wealth and protect that wealth, all at the same. Also, her father Matthew Knowles seems to realize the significant opportunity that comes from building a brand, managing that brand and expanding it around the world. In Finance and Marketing class, I give Beyoncé and Matthew an A+.


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