Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nicole Spence: Why Do Men Sell Us a Dream?

There is this girl I know, and we're friends.

She has been sorta dating this guy, well they've flirted with the idea of being more, but never took it there fully. Why? Cuz he is always on some stop and go shit! You know one minute wanna kick things up a couple of notches and the next he's on his period!

I don't like inconsistency so I encourage her to dip out! Don't delete him from your phone, but he sure as hell shouldn't be in her top 5!She took my advice and remained out of the picture for a couple of months, and you know never really gave the idea of him another thought, other than the occasional " what the hell was his problem"?
Fast forward time passes and he reaches out stating how much he misses her ( oh yea? ) and get this, that he realized that he needs her in his life. ( Pretty heavy shit I thought). So they exchange niceties back and forth, but she's still wading in the water because she doesn't know what this brother wants.

They get together to talk face to face and he repeats the same heavy talk, " I need you in my life forever, I'd die without you". But once again this time around nothing changes, its still the same sporadic attention and time, for what?? Why did he even start things up?

My feelings are simply if "we're friends" let's continue to be friends. No need to muddy the waters with bullshit sentiments. What I realize is that sometimes men are just looking for a reservation to be held in his name at Casa de Nicole! And I'm not having that, there are no reservations here.

Its first come first serve establishment.
Ladies sometimes these dudes fight just to remain relevant in your life, with no clear concept of what they want or how to obtain it. They just wanna know they can come in at any time and take a seat!

I'm not sure when selling a dream became a trend, but its really not cool. If I didn't know any better I would say, I bet he has a little one. This just seems like this would be associated with some little d*%k propaganda. Or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

i like your thinking because i too have been stuck in this same rut with a boy i was messing with.we was actually considered a couple but we never acted like it.for us to talk i would have to call him and the same stuff he was dishing out he did not like it dished back in. along with that, he had a sailor mouth and if you can't talk to me like you got some sense , we need not i let that go life is too short to be wasting it on half way men.

Anonymiss said...

My friend is going through the same thing and I feel for her. Guys play too damn much. If you don't want to be in our lives just leave and stop coming back! It's no fair.