Friday, May 1, 2009

20 Jobs that Pay $20 Per Hour


Watch the news for 30 minutes and you'll quickly lose perspective of the value of a dollar.

That idea might seem paradoxical in this recession where every dollar counts, but think about the figures we're hearing about: trillion dollar deficit, $800 billion stimulus, 7,000 point drop in the Dow. That's a lot of zeros.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess your bank account doesn't have that many digits in it. In fact, if it does, you're probably paying someone to read this article to you.

For the rest of us who don't have a billion dollars in the bank and are just happy to have more money coming in than going out (even if barely), we need to reevaluate the value of a dollar. Or, in this instance, the value of $20.

In the age of astronomical governmental spending and foreclosures, our salaries can seem like insignificant sums in the grand scheme of things.

So to give you an idea of what occupations us "regular people" earn, here are 20 jobs that pay a median hourly wage of $20, which works out to $41,600 annually based on a 40-hour workweek.

Here are 20 jobs that earn $20 per hour:


1. Carpet installers
What they do:
As their name implies, carpet installers prepare surfaces for carpet and then cut the pieces into the appropriate size for the room and ensure it's properly installed.
Hourly median earning: $20.00*

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