Sunday, March 9, 2008

Black Super Model Apologizes for Disappearing

Waris Dirie, a super model born in Somalia, disappeared for three days last week, creating a nation-wide police search throughout all of Belgium. Dirie was set to appear at a conference hosted by The European Union for International Women's Day.

Dirie reappeared suddenly, apologizing Saturday for her disappearance and offered litte explanation as to her whereabouts.

In addition to being a super model, Dirie is a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. She has been outspoken about the practice of female genital mutilation taking place around the world. She has described a process in which a woman's clitoris is removed with a dirty blade, with no anesthesia.

The spokesman for the Brussel's prosecutor's office, Jean-Marc Meilleur, said that police have closed their investigation.

"She gave little explanation. She only said that she walked around during the three days and said she was lost," Meilleur said. "She said she slept in several lobbies of hotels because she had no money."

Dirie issued her public apology during an interview on Belgian Television. People were worried because just last week, another woman from Africa who spoke against genital mutilation was found dead in the Seine River. Katoucha Niane, who was born in Ghana, was found to have had no foul play in her death, according to French police.

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