Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Content Black Woman #1 on Blog Talk Radio

Tech savvy African American blogger takes to Internet airwaves With incredible results

Los Angeles, CA – After only four shows since its January launch, the hugely popular Internet radio program, The Content Black Woman Show, has grabbed the #1 spot for current events programming on BlogTalkRadio.

Hosted by new media entrepreneur and blogger Valencia Roner, a.k.a. the “Content Black Woman,” the zenith rise of this web sensation is currently averaging around 15,000 downloads per week. A spin-off of the highest ranking site relating to Black women by Google, Why Black Women Are Angry, the program provides news, views and insights from a “content black woman’s” perspective as oppose to a perspective of an “angry black woman.” is the highest ranking site when inputting the search terms “black women” in Google’s search engine. The blog was also recently recognized by Ebony/ as one of the Ten Most Important Blog Posts for 2007 for Roner’s in-depth coverage of Prophetess Juanita Bynum and the controversy surrounding the popular ecumenical leader’s pending divorce and criminal case involving estranged husband Bishop Thomas Weeks.

“These are exciting times in our nation’s history,” said Roner, a featured panelist at the 2007 BlogHer Conference. “With white men ruling talk radio for so long, I think the success of my show demonstrates that a market exists that is hungry for a more diverse perspective on everything from news to pop culture to politics. It’s my goal to provide such a perspective.”

With the exponential growth of the Internet by way of YouTube, MySpace, blogs and other social networking sites, audio programs such The Content Black Woman Show on the fast growing are providing a platform for those with something to say and to an audience to whom to say it.

The only African American woman in’s top 10 out of the over 51,000 shows and over 7,500 hosts, The Content Black Woman Show is clearly meeting a unique market-based demand.

Valencia Roner has specialized in marketing and public relations for over 15 years. She owns and writes for the popular blog Why Black Women Are Angry ( She began this platform with the intent of addressing the less than favorable stereotype of Black women as being angry in order to demonstrate Black women as beautiful and content with a perspective.

BlogTalkRadio is an interactive, media 2.0 platform that allows users to connect quickly and directly with their audience. Using an ordinary telephone and computer, (no software downloads or MP3 players required) hosts can create live call-in shows with unlimited participants that are instantly archived and made available as subscribable podcasts. The network has signed up more than 7,500 hosts in less than 16 months.

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Anonymous said...

I am very angry at Tavis Smiley comments made against Obama concerning him not being there in Louisiana for the event he's doing. Once again we black people always try to bring down other blacks. Obama is trying to run for president and in the middle of an 11-0 trail against Clinton, Smiley scheduled event ends up being a conflict of not interest but a critical time when Obama is out there where he really needs to be in order to do what he needs to do in those states.

Tavis, can you rescheduled the event date to where he can get all those people out there instead who you and the people want to hear from instead of setting him and his wife up to look like terrible in the public's eye by of making insulting comments about the man and not accepting his wife to come out and speak? Or is that another setup in what I call black on black politics crime that would only benefit the white people and keep on injurying us blacks? Even if the people want to hear from him, please allow his wife to speak. If Hillary could not show up, I truly believe without a doubt you and the people there would have accepted Bill or their daughter! Why keep shutting doors in the black families' faces?

I truly believe if he came to your scheduled event which can be rescheduled and not do what he needs to do to continue his campaign there, it would mess up the nominee for president. Please Tavis if voices count, please reschedule your event until he can truly get the opportunity to come to your great event. For God's sake he's right where he needs to be! Do You Mess This Up! If a White person can get God and Prayer out of the system, at least let me request in the name of JESUS that you CHANGE the DATE of your event so that the Obama family can properly represent and everyone will benefit from it.

Your scheduled event without the Obamas there is like Veterans Day Events where you need a key speaker you need at the event but he/she cannot attend due to they are overseas in the middle of a war and they are getting insulting by stupid remarks!

A Black Military Person

Anonymous said...

Why are people hating on Mrs. Obama?

When I heard her make that comment, I agreed with her 100% percent whether I was successful college graduate, business owner, or whatever!

For over 40 years I have seen and experience no real CHANGE in American politics until now, and I am an Adult.

McCain's wife will always be proud of this sorry country because she don't have to wake up African American, Black, Colored, Negro or whatever and wonder about so many things that plagues America Today!

She just wake up like millions of other white women, wondering nothing!

Enoch Mubarak said...

Africa is the Motherland. Africa is the birthplace of the original black woman. The original black woman was a mystical rhythmic dancer. The original black woman wore beautiful, colorful African garments. They were the queens to the kings. They lived inside nice grass huts that formed quaint villages. Their children were playful and joyous. The original black woman was a beauty to behold.

The black woman felt blessed by God to have such vast land, tidy villages, fine jewelry, colorful garments and beautiful huts. The original black woman felt blessed by God to have such an abundance of land and life. It was unfortunate however that God did not see it that way.

The original black woman's feelings of being blessed by God gave her a sense of false securities that lead to a fatal mistake. The fatal mistake for the original African woman was never taking the time to step back and ask God, How am I really living?

Genesis 6:5-6 say's that when the Lord saw how wicked everyone on earth was and how evil their thoughts were he was sorry that he ever made them and put them on Earth. God was so filled with regret that he said, "I will wipe out these people, because I am sorry that I made any of them." On the 17th day of the second month, all the outlets of the vast body of water beneath the earth burst open, all the floodgates of the sky were opened and rain fell for 40 days and nights (Gen. 7:11-12).

The above spiritual account is a prime illustration of, "The Calm Before The Storm."

Today's evidence clearly suggests that the African American woman, of the 21st century, is in the midst of "The Calm Before The Storm." The black woman of the 21st century needs to stop what she is doing, step back and ask God, how am I really living?

To fully understand what your basic duty and responsibility is, consider this: The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him." The Lord made the man fall into a deep sleep. He removed one of the man's ribs and from that rib formed a woman. The man awoke and said, "At last, here is one of my own kind, and Woman is her name." (Gen. 2:18-23).

Over time the strong black man that God made you out of sat on a wall and had a great fall. All the kings' horses and all of the kings' men do not, did not and will not put the black man back together again. What has happened to the black man since his fall is anything but a fairy tale.

In the last ten years a lot has been said and done to promote the empowerment of African American women. Hugh strides and great care has been taken by other ethnic groups to insure your inclusion in all aspects of American culture. Black women have become business owners, vice presidents, CEO's, stockholders, private investors, movers and shakers of the 21st century American economy. You purchase fine homes, you drive nice cars, you get your hair did over here and your nails done over there but sisters, I ask you, "What does it profit a black woman to gain the whole world and lose her soul?"

In this case, what does it profit you to gain so much for yourselves, and yet ignore your God-given responsibility to be helpers to your own kind, your soul mates? God did not take any rib from the black man to form you; God took his prime rib.

The very next time when you peer from the windows of your fine automobiles at a group of disheveled black men, or are approached for pocket change from a black beggar, or endure the persistent antics from black male subway peddlers, you need to recognize that those black men are your soul mates-but Sisters, you do not recognize them as your God-ordained soul mates because the media has demonized them and you have abandoned and cursed them.

God made you to be a helper, a companion to the black man but instead you have abandoned, deserted, cursed and turned your backs on your God-ordained kind, your children also disrespect the black man as they have seen you do.

Sisters, it is in your best interest to restore the fundamental order of God. In God's order the head of the woman is the man and the head of the man is God. God made the man in his own image. Do not continue to be a part of the media that publicly and privately rejects the man that God has made in His own image for you. You have failed the responsibility given to you by God to be man's companion and helpmate.

Sisters you must not suffer the fate of your African ancestors that perished in the flood. To avoid the mistakes and fate of your ancestors, you must not succumb to a sense of false security. To watch yourselves succeed in life, while failing to help restore your soul mates is equivalent to a mortal sin and fatal mistake. Do not allow your success to conclude that God is blessing you. Step back and ask God, How am I really living?

Sisters in the year 2008 uphold your soul mates by offering them employment. The black man does not need a college degree to cut your grass, wash your car, run your errands, paint your house, repair your fence or any other such labor. Sisters, use your political savvy and economic positions to aid and assist your God-given man's restoration. In doing so, you will recognize that inside the dark empty expressions of your God-given men, is the man God made you from and made you to be a companion and helpmate to.

God will come for this world, just as he came for the one before this one, but this time the heavens and earth will perish with fire (2 Peter 3:5-13). If God were to instruct a modern-day Noah to gather TWO OF EVERY KIND, ONE MALE AND ONE FEMALE, whom shall you stand next to if you fail to uphold your God-given responsibilities now?

What will all of your finer, accolades, promotions, fine homes, nice cars and titles mean upon the moment of truth?

Black women, get together and do what all the kings' horses and all the kings' men will not do; put your God-given soul mates back together again, and by doing so save yourselves.