Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fired Up and ready to go with Oprah Winfrey in Manchester S

"Get fired up and ready to go”

This is a historic time for our people and nation. Record numbers of Americans are participating in the 2008 election. Quoting one of Obama’s campaign slogans it is time for black voters to "get fired up and ready to go.” We can do this by actively engaging in the entire 2008 election process. If you aren't register to vote please register ASAP.

All registered Black Americans should make a conscious effort to vote in the primary election in your state.

While working at my polling place in Newport News, VA during the 2004 presidential election I discovered that many minority voters were not allowed to vote. To my dismay and surprise the poll workers required a state issued identification card from voters attempting to vote. Some of the voters returned with the necessary identification while others did not come back to cast their ballots.

I would encourage everyone to call your local Division of Motor Vehicle Department to inquire about getting a driver's license or a state identification card. Therefore, you will be prepared if you are required to present an identification card in order to exercise your right to vote.

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