Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Barack or Hillary?


I've been involved in consistent conversations with women about our support of presidential candidate, Barack Obama. The conversation of some who appear to be in support of Hillary Clinton have openly shared sentiments such as "I'm for Barack, but a woman needs to be president". This, and other comments are shocking and a bit disturbing as I continue to weigh my options, carefully considering the candidates' records and backgrounds as senators and prior to their bid for the white house. We really must be aware of the issues and the records of both Barack and Hillary and all of the candidates. The issues that face us as Americans, not just African-Americans or black folk as some would say, are critical and must be carefully addressed.

Here's what I believe: (1) anybody that openly votes against a war in the midst of opponents...a war that we will be paying for for years to come, a war that has done much more harm than good...automatically gets a nod of approval from me; (2) Barack has done much for welfare reform that has contributed to welfare reform recipients having opportunities to develop and gain much needed skills in the work force.

Please know that I'm not against Hillary Clinton, I just think Barack is truly the best for America right now. The other thing is that Barack represents a more honest and just government based on his record. With the New Hampshire primary near, I hope you are open to discussions about who the best American president would be right now. More importantly, a vote for Hillary just because she's a woman, will not serve America, men, women or children in the best way.

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